Community of young entrepreneurs and students

Young Entrepreneurs of Finland (Nuoret Yrittäjät) is a nationwide community of young professional entrepreneurs and entrepreneurially-minded students. We come from all walks and stages of business and function within the Federation of Finnish Enterprises (Suomen Yrittäjät), Finland’s largest entrepreneurs’ organisation with over 115,000 member businesses. 

We organise events both at regional and national level, the most notable being Young Entrepreneurs’ annual Get Together. In addition, we run the prestigious Young Entrepreneur of the Year contest, take part in entrepreneurship education in schools and spread the message of next-generation entrepreneurship to youth organisations and future leaders. 

Influential network

Through us you get a unique opportunity to network with other inspiring young entrepreneurs, utilize benefits and services that enhance your business, and make a difference in the pursuit of an entrepreneurship-friendlier society.   

Our community covers almost the entire country through the 20 regional organisations of the Federation of Finnish Enterprises. In the central organisation our voice is channelled via the Committee of Young Entrepreneurs.   

The largest business federation in Finland

The Federation of Finnish Enterprises is the largest central organisation in industry and commerce, with over 105,000 member companies. Members include companies in the retail, transport, service, industrial and contracting businesses. The membership structure corresponds to the structure of Finnish corporations. Half of the member companies are sole entrepreneurs and half are employer companies. Of the 90,000 employer companies in Finland, 50,000 companies belong to the Federation of Finnish Enterprises. The activities of the entrepreneur organisation are made up of 400 local associations, 20 regional organisations and 64 trade organisations. 

Come as you are

Whether you are a young entrepreneur or aspire to be one, you are welcome to join our community.

To make the most of us, we warmly recommend you become a member of our parent organisation, the Federation of Finnish Enterprises. Both entrepreneur and student memberships are available.