Young Entrepreneurs Nordic Meetup or YENM is a 36-hour bootcamp for growth-seeking young entrepreneurs from Finland, Sweden and Åland to network and develop their human capital in a cross-border context and to seek new investors among VCs and business angels.

This year's YENM takes place in Helsinki on 19-20 September and offers inspiring speakers, useful workshops and unique chances to develop one's entrepreneurial skills and to scale one's business.

The number of participants is limited to 25 in order to ensure a high-quality experience. The attendees are selected based on the application criteria below.

The event is free of charge for the selected participants and it includes meals, accommodation and a ferry transportation to-and-from Stockholm and Mariehamn.

YENM is organized jointly by Federation of Finnish Enterprises (Suomen Yrittäjät), Swedish Federation of Business Owners (Företagarna), Federation of Business Owners in Åland (Företagarna på Åland) and the Swedish Embassy in Finland

Why apply?

YENM is an exclusive once-in-a-career experience that allows you to access key people and places in the Helsinki startup and enterprise ecosystem.

The event creates valuable peer networks among the next generation of high-performing Nordic entrepreneurs and business professionals, all that will become useful as you expand your business from the Nordics to global markets.  

Who can apply?

YENM is open to participants from startups and companies representing all walks of business. As such, there will be no limitations – from tech to design! This cross-pollination will hopefully inspire further co-operation.

However, candidates are expected to fulfil certain criteria:

  • The enterpreneur is less than 36 years old
  • The entrepreneur has not previously participated in YENM or its predecessor Framsteget
  • The company seeks to grow and is internationally oriented
  • The company has reached a certain critical mass in terms of operations and turnover 

How to apply?

  • Apply by filling in this form by  31 July 2017
  • No more than 25 entrepreneurs will be selected: 10 from Finland, 10 from Sweden and 5 from Åland
  • The selected participants will be notified in August


  • The event takes place in Helsinki on 19-20 September and includes among other things:
    • Visit to the largest statup hub in the Nordics Maria 01
    • Pitch session where you get a chance to present your business case to a select group of VCs from Finnish Venture Capital Association and members of Finnish Business Angels Network 
    • Number of insightful speakers and useful case examples on e.g. marketing, scaling, funding and market access from Helsinki-based experts and startups
    • Workshop facilitated by one of the leading venture accelerators in Finland Nestholma
    • Networking dinner hosted by the Swedish Embassy 
  • A more detailed program of this year's YENM will be published soon!

Travel schedule

  • A complimentary Helsinki ferry from Stockholm departs on 18 September at 16.45 and from Mariehamn at 23.45
  • A complimentary Stockholm/Mariehamn ferry from Helsinki departs on 20 September at 17.00
  • You are free to arrange alternative means of travel at your own cost
  • Participants from the mainland Finland will arrange their own means of travel


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